Stag & Hen Weekends + Activity Day Events


This is the ideal way to get your Stag Weekend or Hen Weekend Party really going! Whatever combination of activities and events you choose for your activity day out, it will be one to remember! With lunch on site and our licensed club/pub house to relax in afterwards, we'll make it a truly memorable occasion.


Stag & Hen Packages

We have put together a few packages of activities that are guaranteed to get you and your mates entertained throughout the day.



Paintball Days
The obvious choice for having a good laugh with your mates is paintballing. Read more about our paintball day packages.


Alternatively you can spice up the paintballing event with a few quad bikes or all terrain buggies! There are countless event combinations of different activities available which you can mix together to make the perfect stag or hen weekend experience for you and your friends. The bride/ groom will be happy that the best man or chief bridesmaid finally managed to organise a wicked activity day!


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Stag Package

£90 per head - Deposit £30.00 per head
Includes: Paintball 200 / Quad Biking / Target Shooting / Hot Lunch



Hen Package 1

Cost per head: £50.00 - (allow 3 hours at the venue)

Wine & Cheese Hunt

Each team gets a map,compass,clues and coordinates. Using much of the forest, lakes and the safe area, each team needs to find a collection of objects.These objects are a bottle of wine, corkscrew, Glasses & Cheese & Biscuits. Best time wins.


Target Shooting

There's more to the target shooting than you may at first think. Try each disciplin in turn. Archery, air-rifles and pistols & Axe throwing.



Hen Package 2

Cost per head: £50.00 - (allow 3 hours at the venue)

Raft Building and Racing Challenge
(As seen on celebrity fit club. Our venue was used for the actual TV series)

The aim of this exercise is to get each team member across the lake and around the Island with the aid of a raft which they must build themselves with the materials provided. They must choose which materials to use before they begin and are encouraged to brain storm a plan before attempting to build the raft. Each team is briefed before the event as to the rules. This event is great fun. (Please bring a change of clothes)

Racing Car Challenge (Tyre Race)

Your racing car has lost all its tyres and you need to get all 10 new tyres through the challenging obstacle course and into the pits before your competitor. Points are awarded for the fastest team to arrive in the pits with all tyres and members of the team.




Need a bespoke Stag / Hen Activity Day? - Contact us with your ideas and we will get a quote out to you as soon as possible. Combine any of the following activities to suit your needs!

  • •Paintballing
  • •Quad bikes
  • •Target shooting
  • •Mud Karts / Buggies
  • •4x4 Off Road
  • •Confidence Pole
  • •Tyre Race
  • •Assault Course
  • •River Assault Course
  • •Log Run


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