Adrenaline Rush – Can You Get Enough of It?

Why do people go chasing clouds, rocks and if you ask some people, look for dramatic ways to die? Well, being an adrenaline junkie is a way of life for some people. They are just not as easily stimulated as others. Some people are on a physiological level not moved by activities like going to a fair, and riding on a rollercoaster. Some people are not even moved when climbing on a rock without any safety measures.

So, why do people go out there and have an adrenaline filled adventure? Can they get enough of it? Could you get enough of it? Could you ever get tired of adrenaline rushes? Here is our take.

Why Are You Out There?

Some people love feeling that rush when their body gets filled with adrenaline, and their thoughts almost stop, because their body is doing all of the work. When doing some sports, there is no time to think, there is only motion, fluidity. When doing extremely high speed runs on a mountain bike, or a snowboard, you don’t have time to think. People who are in it for the sport, they often don’t get tired of the sport, because the rush is a side effect of something they love.

Rock climbers, like Alex Honnold, who climbed a 1000 meter tall rock wall without using any safety gear, climbs because he loves it, not because it’s exciting. It is a challenge, mental and physical. For those people, adrenaline rushes will most likely be there as long as they’re able to perform in their activities of choice.

Adrenaline for the Sake of Adrenaline

There are also the people who love going fast, and going really high, just because. This is a very dangerous way of approaching extreme sports and activities which in their nature endanger your life.

These people might make a fatal mistake while doing their multiple runs in ten different sports. These people might get tired of adrenaline rushes, because it is tiring to keep risking your life to simply feel a thrill.

More often than not, finding a pleasure in adrenaline only means that there are some other things which are not in balance, whether on a physiological level or a mental one. 

Physiological Tiredness

When you go chasing clouds, long jumps, and fast runs, you might get a thrill, well, at least most people will. But, on the other hand, people, when they get older, they tend to lose some of these adrenaline-chasing tendencies. This can happen on a physiological level. The body just doesn’t want any more adrenaline rushes, so these people either tone down their extreme sports activities or they simply quit. Some continue, but those people were never in it for the adrenaline, but rather for the sport or some other philosophical reason.

Should You Quit if it Starts Getting Old?

This is something which you can answer yourself. If you feel like you are risking too much or if some activities no longer bring you pleasure but on the contrary, stress you out, then quitting might be the right call. Finding alternatives to a sport is also a possibility and one which you should consider if you feel like you are no longer that big of an adrenaline junkie as you were. 

Extreme sports and adrenaline rides should be a part of your life if you feel like they are something you love. Impressing someone can be done as easily as giving them attention, the little things. If you feel like you’ve had enough of extreme sports, you might want to change sports. Finding new hobbies and activities is always a good thing. Never be afraid of change.