Paintball Equipment – Can an Average Person Afford It – And Should They?

We all like having fun in our free time; from spending the day in the mall, to playing on and practicing sports, it’s something that makes us happy. Naturally, as authors at, we love playing paintball during our free time. But can everyone do that?

Paintball is an interesting sport, one where you get to shoot paintballs at your friends. For some people, this means a fun day out with friends, a couple of hours of intense action, sweating, shooting, dodging, losing, winning and much more. 

For others, this is a job. They have better guns, better ammunition and much better skills with much more training involved. But, the average player doesn’t need all that. Every paintball place in the world offers you the same equipment, overalls, a mask, a gun and paintballs. This is great and also a bit annoying if you get a bit better in paintball. You might want to shop for your own equipment. Should you do so? Could you afford it with an average salary? Here is our take on things.

The Paintball Gun

Ah, the gun, your tool, the extension of your aim, body and spirit. How much do you need to pay to have your own gun. Well, they start at 20 dollars, or less if you import them from China. At 20 dollars, however, you don’t really get the experience you would even with a rental gun, so at that price point, nobody should really be looking for a gun.

From 45 dollars on a discount, to 70 dollars, you can already find paintball guns which you could have already seen or held somewhere. At these price points, decent guns are available. At over 100 dollars up until 200, you can have a really good gun for an average player, or rather, one who plays more than their friends and is already familiar with the equipment. Going over these price points is getting into the territory of enthusiasts. The most expensive guns go as far as 1,750 dollars, and are pretty expensive. For that kind of money, you can buy a used car and used paintball equipment for all your friends.


These can also be expensive and have a higher entry level point than guns, starting off at 30 dollars. For 50 dollars, however, you can get a decent pair of goggles, as well as a mask.

They get expensive in the upper range, but nowhere near the price of a gun.

The top of the line masks and goggles sit at 250 dollars which is considered affordable, especially for something that is unlikely to break unless you fall. These top of the line goggles also have changeable lenses in case yours get dented or they somehow break (lenses are far cheaper than the entire set of goggles + mask).


A set of 500 paintballs can cost 9 dollars or far more, depending on which types you purchase. Take note that some paintball fields and organizations don’t allow the usage of your own paintballs. This is something to consider if you want to purchase your own equipment.

Should You Buy Paintball Equipment?

This is something which you will have to ponder over. Given that some paintball clubs don’t allow outside equipment, you should firstly ask around, so that you don’t end up spending 500 dollars on fancy gear, only to not be able to use it in your local club. 

For most people, however, additional paintball gear is unnecessary, unless they are looking to go professional, or are frequent players who love handling their own stuff as opposed to rentals exposed to wear and tear.